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Examination Policy

The school is affiliated to CBSE and according to its guidelines the evaluation system of the school is formulated. From class L.K.G onwards scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas are well reflected in the progress report card. A strong academic curriculum is followed with emphasis on experimental learning through planned activitiesand multiple intelligence lesson plans.

Pre Primary

Pre Primary classes are assessed in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas throughout the year. A series of four tests for classes LKG and UKG will be conducted in two phases.

Primary Classes

Academic year has two terms

First Term (April to September)
Second Term (October to March)

Type of assessment (Term 1)

  • Unit test-I (Pen paper test) M.M. 40 in the month of July
  • Half yearly examination (Pen paper test + notebook + subject enrichment) M.M. 80 in the month of September.
  • Unit test-II (Pen paper test) M.M. 40 m in the month of December.
  • Annual examination (Pen paper test + notebook + activity) M.M. 80 in the month of February/March